Roxanna Bennett, John Stinzi, Lauren Turner @ Knife Fork Book

Was stoked to attend the launch of three books from Jeff Kirby’s Knife Fork Book press. John Stintzi, Lauren Turner, and Roxanna Bennett read, all of them from their new publications.



Lauren Turner read first. Her book is in part a rewriting of the Samson and Delilah Parable. Samson and Delilah in modern times, doing modern things:  smoking cigarettes on the fire escape; being blasé ab infidelity; being leery around scissors. Her work is variegated and contemporary.



Stintzi’s poetry is emotional and direct. I enjoyed hearing what they had to say ab flirtatious eyecontact on public transportation, which is a, like, universal (and an often, I realize, problematic) experience. They are working currently on a novel. I think their attention to social detail in cities will lend itself to good prose. Check their site out.



Roxanna Bennett, disabled Toronto poet, read last but is least by no measure, has some seriously good poems. Intricately patterned, her work showed a great deal of concern for sound. If you follow only one link from this post, let it be this one.



And get yr ass 2 Knife Fork Book to buy the lot of them.

And get yr ass 2 1 of their events this April.



-— t.r.

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